Change is in the air!

After a long time thinking it over, talking to family, friends and some fellow biz buddies (and then thinking it over some more), I have decided to take the business is a slightly new direction (which includes a name change - eek!).

Basically, I have decided to drop the 'Living' side of the business and head down the wonderful road of self care and self love.

So, Marlo & Co Living will soon be known as Mindful Marlo!

Why am I doing this you may ask? Because it 100% feels like the right thing to do. I have been sitting on this change for a few months and didn't take the decision lightly.

I have struggled with ALL THE THINGS over the years, crippling anxiety, depression, self-loathing, loneliness, mum guilt and the list goes on. I've always hidden behind a confident, loud façade and don't talk about it too much, especially in the business.

What I have found though, is that as more and more people openly talk about their challenges with mental health, they have also helped me feel more comfortable talking about mine. And I believe, together we can help bring more awareness and remove the stigma that still pops up around the subject.

Having said all this, I have spent the last 6 or so months trying a few new things to help improve this area of my life and one thing that has had a huge positive impact is mindfulness work.

With this in mind, I feel so inspired to share what I have learned over this time, and if I help even one person, I'll consider it worthwhile.

This change isn't just for people who struggle with mental health, if you are over-worked, have a lot on your plate or simply don’t know how to stop, you will benefit from our new direction.

Now, as I said, we will be phasing out the Living side of the biz which essentially means saying goodbye to our beloved cushions (and possibly the planters in the future). Cue the tears!

One thing that is staying though is our colourful, original artwork designs and being Australian made.

And as far as new products go; I will keep this under wraps for now until I know for sure (just waiting on some finer details to be confirmed) but one thing I will say is we will have a large focus on all things wellness, me-time, and of course, mindfulness.

So stay tuned because this new path we are on is bursting with opportunities and possibilities and I can't wait!

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