Welcome to Mindful Marlo! I’m Miranda, the founder of this colourful world.

What originally started out as an Outdoor Cushion brand has now evolved into so much more. We have recently rebranded (including a name change – we were previously Marlo & Co Living) to allow us to move moreinto the self-care space.

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Our latest collaboration

Contemporary Aboriginal Artist, Domica Hill.

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Original Designs

We collaborate with local artists to design original artwork just for us that is then turned into fabric. Each one of our pieces is literally a work of art.


Change is in the air!

Change is in the air!

After a long time thinking it over, talking to family, friends and some fellow biz buddies (and then thinking it over some more), I have decide...

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Keeping it local

Our collections are not only designed, printed and handmade in Australia but they are also made from natural fabrics, making them a more eco-friendly choice. 


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