Hi! Welcome to Mindful Marlo!

I’m Miranda, the founder of this colourful world.

What originally started out as an Outdoor Cushion brand has now evolved into so much more. We have recently rebranded (including a name change – we were previously Marlo & Co Living) to allow us to move more into the self-care space.

Having suffered from crippling anxiety for many, many years and then living through the very difficult two years we’ve all just been through, I have come to realise that self-care/love is more important than ever.

Although the saying “you can’t fill from an empty cup” is well known, the sentiment doesn’t seem to cross over into the real world as much as I think it should.

With this in mind, Mindful Marlo was created with the intention to bring more awareness to the importance of looking after yourself first, so you can then look after those around you with a clearer mind and a sense of calm.

Over the last 6 or so months, I have opened myself up to new concepts and practices that have 100% helped me to improve my headspace. Whilst it certainly isn’t perfect and I still have a way to go, the improvements I’ve felt are undeniable. As such, I want to share them with you. Some of the things I’ve tried and implemented are mindfulness, gratitude lists, daily affirmations, visualisations and even hypnotherapy.

I don’t pretend to be a master at any of these practices (yet), but I truly believe that if I can help even one person feel slightly better than they did prior to finding Mindful Marlo, then it is worth it.

If you are overwhelmed, stressed, busy or even just a little lost, then you are in the right place.

Our new direction is exciting, and I look forward to being able to bring you products that have helped me improve my well-being that I hope will also help you.

With love.



P.S – I am super proud to say that all of our products are lovingly designed and made right here in Australia.