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Eye Pillow - Ningi and Nawnta


This is one of our two new designs from our collaboration with Contemporary Aboriginal Artist, Domica Hill.

'Ningi & Nawnta' translates to Mother and Sister in Palawa Kani language. 

'This design represents friendship, celebrating differences and coming together after misunderstandings. You will see 3 circles throughout. These depict a mother and two daughters supporting each other, lifting each other up and inspiring each other. The wavy lines throughout the design show the different paths they have all taken to find and get back to one another.'

Our Eye Pillows are super handy and can be used for a range of different reasons.

You can use them at room temperature and allow the weight of the wheat to help with relaxation and sore eyes.

You can put them in the freezer for about 30mins before use and use them as a cooling relief to help with headaches and migraines, or you could even pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and use as mini heatpack.

Our Eye Pillows are approx. 22x10cm which makes them perfect for covering your eyes enough to block out the light.

They are filled with Australian grown organic wheat and weigh approx 250g.

*Same design on both sides.

Customer Reviews

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Just the most calming beautiful piece. I am currently pregnant and the relaxation mode is switched on easily with the use of this eye mask. A must have for every human. Paired with its wheat bag sibling, you have your perfect relaxing moment sorted!


I love my new Eye Pillow! The Meeka artwork is just gorgeous and looks amazing, even on such a small piece. Love having a matching set too, with the matching Wheat Bag.

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