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"Aria" Fabric Planter


If you want to make your indoor plants feel loved and adored then look no further!

Not only do we create a super colourful and snug home for the little plant babies in your life, but we also help keep tiny humans safe as we don’t break when we are accidentally knocked over by a misjudged throw of a ball or a curious set of little hands checking us out.

If you add the pop of colour we give your home, the convenience of being able to wash us when we get a bit dirty and the overall fun vibes we bring, what’s not to like!

We also make the best gifts for your plant loving friends! We are super unique, super colourful and super cute!

Washing Instructions: Wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Simply reshape when dry and iron (if needed).

*Please note, due to the handmade nature of this product, sizes may be ever so slightly different to what is mentioned above. 

Measurements also refer to when the folded down white edge (as seen in image) is fully upright. Planters can be used either way depending on the look you prefer. 

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